April 13, 2011

Bucket List

When I was browsing through my computer files, I found a document titled 'things to do in life'. It was actually quite funny, because I made it about 4 years ago and it was full of things like 'get my first (good) kiss' and 'get black nail polish' (Yes, I've had an emo-period when I was 14-15), which were, according to the 14 -year-old me, the most important things in life. Luckily I know better now! Here's the bucket list I made up today:

Y Get my driver's license
Finish first year of university
Y Get an awesome boyfriend <3
Y Buy a DSLR camera, like a Nikon D3100
Y Win the lottery
Y Or, win anything!
Y Learn to make my own clothes
Y Learn to cook properly and host a dinner party
Y Sleep under the open sky (maybe with that awesome boyfriend?)
Y Live or work abroad for one year
Y Drink coffee (hate it, but it’s part of being an adult ;))
Y Have a pick nick (Because that’s the coolest thing EVER.)
Y Watch all 40s-50s movies
Y Be a successful blogger *wink*
Y Eat spaghetti like in Lady and the Tramp <3
Y Get singing lessons, or learn to play another instrument
Y See (a show of) Dita Von Teese
Y Visit all Arab countries
Y And all other countries in the world!
Y Hold a cocktail party and get really drunk, haha!
Y Learn to dance swing and rock ‘n’ roll
Y Get a job (almost forgot that one…)
Y Live in a cool apartment in a big city like Brussels, Ghent or Antwerp

Y Adopt a child
Y Get married (you know, when I’m OLD)
Y …

Also, I want to travel to these cities:

Y Paris
Y London (maybe this summer!)
Y Rome (again)
Y Milan (I've been there last year, but for only one day!)
Y Barcelona
Y Amsterdam
Y New York
Y Moscow
Y Dublin
Y Marrakech
Y Istanbul
Y Abu Dhabi
Y Venice (again: I've been there last year on school trip to Italy, but we were so tired the last day when whe visisted Venice that we didn't see anything of it...)
Y Beijing
Y Berlin
Y Los Angeles & San Francisco

Uhmm... maybe the first thing on my list should be 'get a lot of money'? :)
Do you have a bucket list?
P.S. In other exciting news, I have a date next week! Cant believe it myself, I thought I'd just stay happy single for some time... But I'm not complaining! Now the big question is: What will I wear????? :)

Siel x