April 1, 2011

ASOS wishlist

It's official: ASOS is trying to bankrupt me. My wishlist keeps increasing every time I take a look at their website. All those pretty dresses, cute skirts, lovely shoes,... I'm addicted!

Here are someof my favourites (I have many more!):

Red 50s dress, Vero Moda

Flower dress, Vero Moda

50s dress, River Island

Blue pencil dress, ASOS

50s Knitted dress, ASOS
Blue 50s dress, ASOS

Floral print 50s dress, Vero Moda

Chiffon Midi skirt, ASOS

50s Floral dress, Eucalyptus

Polka dot skirt, People Tree

Striped midi skirt, ASOS

50s Full Skirt, Oasis

I already see myself walking down the streets in these pretty dresses and skirts! *dream...*
Unfortunately, most of them are more than 50 euros, and that's a little bit too much for me, poor student. But I can always look at them to get inspiration, right?

I'll maybe go to Brussels to go vintage shopping in Eastern holidays, so I'll try to find some 50s dresses for little money. Wish me luck!

What do you think of my wishlist?

Siel x