April 27, 2011

Help me decide!

I need a new bag. And this time I really NEED one: my bag I use to go to uni broke (one of the buttons fell off, so he's completely broken now. YES.), so I have to buy a new one. Which is quite hard, because I can't choose! I'd like to have a sort of satchel, but it has to be big enough for my books and food and stuff. I really love this one:

ZARA, €79.95
 But I find €80 a little but expensive! I do like the colour...
I just added the link in case you'd like to buy it for me? No?
(Hope my boyfriend is reading this.)*

River Island, £36.99
 I like this one too, but I 'm not sure about the colour...
ASOS, €39,36

This one is my favourite so far. It's actually a briefcase, but I like the colour so much! The price is reasonable, although it's not leather...

H&M, €19,95
 This is the cheapest one I could find! But I'm in trouble with the colour: I never wear something brown, more black-red-blue, so I don't know... I could buy the black one, but I think it looks cheaper in black. Oh, and it's not leather of course, so it won't last that long.
Topshop, £60
I like the 'nerdy' look of this bag, and the lace! But then again, £60... It's leather though.

Sacha, €34,95
I know this isn't a satchel or any bag I can carry my books in, but I just really like this handbag, so I wanted to show you.

Please help me choose! Which one is your favourite?

Siel x

*Kidding! But it'd be nice, though ;)

April 23, 2011

Photoshoot FAIL

Looking at awesome blogs (like The Styling Dutchman, love her blog!), I had the thought: Hey, why have I never done a photoshoot/ outfit post?  I'll tell you why: After one hour of photographing with my sister, the result was: 73 bad photos and about 2 good ones. So, I guess that's why I never do an outfit post!

Trying to 'pose'

Impossible to stand on one leg for longer than 0,5 seconds.

My sister (who always looks good on photos! Maybe not on this one, but still) & me. Excuse my face.

I became so desperate I even started to hug a tree...

Wow. Is that... a decent photo of me????? Am I really not looking weird? Wow, I finally learned it!

Oh no, I didn't. Whoops!

Yes, I am wearing my glasses! More on that later :)

Since this is actually an outfit post (Yes it is. Because I'm wearing an entire outfit, consisting of uhm, one dress.) I'll have to tell you something about this dress, shouldn't I?
Well, I bought it last year on a school trip in Canterbury. Nothing special about that, except that my new boyfriend (*blushes*) studied in Canterbury for seven years. So now this dress is special. (Yeah, you all expected a spectaculair story, didn't you? Sorry.) The only problem is: I never wear this dress outside the house because it's so freaking short!

Also: Can people please stop saying I look so pale? I'm tired of hearing that 'I should get a tan, because my legs are WHITE.' Most gingers look pale and have freckles! And I think I'm going for the pale beauty-look this summer, Dita Von Teese-style. Or Snow White, if you like. (Yes, the Disney Princess)

Do you always look good on pictures? Or do you, like me, have to take a million photos before you have one where you don't look like a complete weirdo?

Siel x

April 20, 2011

Electric blue

Electric blue (or cobalt blue) is my new favourite colour (after red, of course). Our love affair began when I saw these shoes:

It was love at first sight. The colour, the shape, the high heel... I wanted them! Unfortunately I couldn't afford them at the moment, but lucky for me a friend bought them for me as a birthday present. I think I almost kissed them when I took them out of their box...

Look at that heel (little bit dirty) and the purple sole! Sight...

Enough drooling: I've searched for some electric blue dresses and shoes to show you. If I may say so, I find it a good looking colour on redheads! ;)

Joan Holloway from Mad Men

The lovely Amber  from Forever Amber in a gorgeous dress

Miranda's bridesmaids dress from SATC the Movie
Dita Von Teese never gets it wrong.

I love PinUp Girl Clothing, and this dress is one of my favourites.

lovely coat, source


Christian Louboutin, of course!

Mulberry Bayswater

Carrie's wedding shoes by Manolo Blahnik
Do you like this colour?

Siel x

PS: I had the best date of my life yesterday! ;)

April 19, 2011


Shoeperwoman introduced Shoesday today: Every Tuesday (or so I think) you have to show what shoes you are wearing. So, today is nothing special for me: I'm wearing my new ballet flats from New Look, but I wish I didn't because they hurt like hell. Seriously! The elastic backs rub my heels so I only can wear them wearing 3 plasters, whoops. Thank God I wear heels most of the time... It's quite funny: I can wear heels all day long without them hurting my feet (or you know, a little bit maybe) but flats are terrible! And it takes me so long to find a proper pair of flats that fit me, I have no idea why. I'm just born to wear heels every day, I think ;) I don't really mind!

Siel x

PS: I have a real post coming up, but at the moment I'm catching up with my school work, yay!

April 13, 2011

Bucket List

When I was browsing through my computer files, I found a document titled 'things to do in life'. It was actually quite funny, because I made it about 4 years ago and it was full of things like 'get my first (good) kiss' and 'get black nail polish' (Yes, I've had an emo-period when I was 14-15), which were, according to the 14 -year-old me, the most important things in life. Luckily I know better now! Here's the bucket list I made up today:

Y Get my driver's license
Finish first year of university
Y Get an awesome boyfriend <3
Y Buy a DSLR camera, like a Nikon D3100
Y Win the lottery
Y Or, win anything!
Y Learn to make my own clothes
Y Learn to cook properly and host a dinner party
Y Sleep under the open sky (maybe with that awesome boyfriend?)
Y Live or work abroad for one year
Y Drink coffee (hate it, but it’s part of being an adult ;))
Y Have a pick nick (Because that’s the coolest thing EVER.)
Y Watch all 40s-50s movies
Y Be a successful blogger *wink*
Y Eat spaghetti like in Lady and the Tramp <3
Y Get singing lessons, or learn to play another instrument
Y See (a show of) Dita Von Teese
Y Visit all Arab countries
Y And all other countries in the world!
Y Hold a cocktail party and get really drunk, haha!
Y Learn to dance swing and rock ‘n’ roll
Y Get a job (almost forgot that one…)
Y Live in a cool apartment in a big city like Brussels, Ghent or Antwerp

Y Adopt a child
Y Get married (you know, when I’m OLD)
Y …

Also, I want to travel to these cities:

Y Paris
Y London (maybe this summer!)
Y Rome (again)
Y Milan (I've been there last year, but for only one day!)
Y Barcelona
Y Amsterdam
Y New York
Y Moscow
Y Dublin
Y Marrakech
Y Istanbul
Y Abu Dhabi
Y Venice (again: I've been there last year on school trip to Italy, but we were so tired the last day when whe visisted Venice that we didn't see anything of it...)
Y Beijing
Y Berlin
Y Los Angeles & San Francisco

Uhmm... maybe the first thing on my list should be 'get a lot of money'? :)
Do you have a bucket list?
P.S. In other exciting news, I have a date next week! Cant believe it myself, I thought I'd just stay happy single for some time... But I'm not complaining! Now the big question is: What will I wear????? :)

Siel x

April 11, 2011

Save the world from these ugly shoes

As much as I love looking at shoes (It's my hobby, you know), I don't love ALL shoes. Oh hell no: There are some really ugly creatures out there. And the funniest part of all is that mostly those hideous shoes are adored by the entire fashion world! I mean, I would never pay over €500 for these:

Giuseppe Zanotti Wedges

Seriously? They make your feet look huge, and theyre just weird, to me. I've seen a lot of shoe blogs where these shoes are adored, so maybe they could explain why they are so fabulous...

Prada S/S 2011, source
Yes, I know colour blocking is the newest trend. But 7 colours on one shoe is a little bit too much for me. And don't get me started on the rubber sole...

Jessica Simpson 'Dany'
 Yes, Jessica Simpson has designed some shoes, and suddenly the whole fashion and blogging world is crazy about them. Nothing wrong with that, but you know it's Jessica Simpson we're talking about? The blonde bimbo with zero acting talent? Very weird. And those shoes? Not my taste...

No one beats Alexander McQueen in the art of designing weird shoes. They may look 'good' on Lady Gaga, but who dares to wear one of these in public? If you're interested, just type 'Alexander McQueen shoes' in Google, lots of ugly shoes over there!

Heeled Converses!
I have no words for this.

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
I absolutely adore Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. Seriously, I'd buy them all! There's only one exception: these 'winged' shoes, who look like ugly beach slippers with a winged ankle strap and a flatform. Terrible...

'Change of the Guard'


We all know Christian Louboutin is The Shoe God. But every now and then he gets on the wrong track and comes up with shoes like these. But we forgive him, as long as he keeps making beauties like these:

Much better.
What do you think?
Siel x

April 8, 2011

Support Shoeperwoman!

Something really awful happened to Shoeperwoman, my blogging hero. I'm really bad at writing this kind of texts, so here's her blogpost about it, I hope you all support her in this hard situation!

Important announcement regarding Shoeperwoman.com

I had really hoped not to have to write this post, but having exhausted my other options I’ve taken legal advice (from the wonderful Caveat Calcei, who you all know from the Shoe Challenge), and feel I have no option but to go public about an issue regarding the “Shoeperwoman” name and this site.

As most of my regular readers will know, I set up Shoeperwoman two years ago this month, having registered the domain in May of 2008 and spent a year planning the site. At the time there were no other sites using the name. Earlier this year, however, a UK-based company launched a shoe blog called “Shoeper-woman” and an associated retail website of the same name.

I don’t really want to link to these sites as I feel they are damaging enough to my brand without me helping their Google rank, but you can see the address of the retail site from the image above and the blog can be found at shoeper-woman.blogspot.com (note: all of the links in this post are nofollow, and this is the only time I will link to these sites.) First of all, I want to clarify that these sites have absolutely no connection to Shoeperwoman.com or to Midas Media. I realise it’s confusing for people as they are using the same name, and writing about the same subjects, often in exactly the same way (i.e. using phrases like “shoeper-hero”, “Shoeper-man” etc.) but there is no connection, so please know that this is the only “Shoeperwoman” site run by us (with the exception of our associated Twitter and Facebook accounts, which also use the “Shoeperwoman” name), therefore if you come across these sites, or any others, please be aware that they have nothing to do with us.

The other company is also using the name “Shoeper-woman” on Twitter, Facebook and other sites, which I realise adds to the confusion. If you are in any doubt whether something you read online is being said by me, or by Laura Blake, who is the owner of the other sites, please feel free to get in touch.
When I found out about these sites, I immediately contacted Laura Blake, who tells me that she does not believe there is any issue with her using exactly the same name as me for her two sites (although she has put up a disclaimer today which you can read on her blog). Obviously I’m disappointed about this. I set up Shoeperwoman.com two years ago: it is my livelihood (along with my other blogs), and Terry and I have worked very hard to build up the brand to where it is today. It’s disheartening, to say the least, to find that someone has knowingly decided to use exactly the same name and idea for a very similar project (Laura tells me she was aware of the existence of this site but decided to use the name regardless), and obviously this will make it much harder for both of the respective businesses to thrive, as rather than having our own unique identities, these two new sites have effectively set themselves up in direct competition to us instead.

What Laura didn’t tell me during our lengthy email conversations, was that not only has she knowingly used a name which has been associated with my blog for the past two years, she has also applied for the UK trademark to the name “Shoeper-woman”. If she is successful in this application, this would mean that I would no longer be able to use the name I have made mine, and this site will effectively cease to exist. As the revenue from this site forms a large part of my income, I’m sure you can understand my distress at this, and the reason I’m writing this post.
To answer the obvious question that has cropped up in relation to this: no, we do not own the trademark to the name “Shoeperwoman”. We looked into doing this when we launched the site, however the very high cost of this was prohibitive for us, as it is for most other bloggers, and so we were forced to rely on the goodwill and common sense of our fellow bloggers/site owners, and to hope that most people would prefer to create something that’s truly their own rather than to duplicate another brand. Obviously that isn’t always the case: some of you may remember the issues Jennine Jacob’s The Coveted encountered recently when another site launched using the same name, and if this can happen to me, and can happen to a well-known blogger like Jennine, it can happen to anyone.
We have now lodged our own trademark application for the name, which means we’re already hundreds of pounds out of pocket in our bid to assert our right to continue to use a name which has been associated with this site for two years now, and which I have also used on Twitter, Facebook and other sites for the same length of time. Having taken advice on this, we believe it could cost us much more to defend our brand, which is obviously causing us a great deal of stress. This is where you come in:

How you can help Shoeperwoman:

Obviously this is a source of huge concern to us, so we would welcome any support our readers and friends have to offer us, in the shape of comments, re-tweets and advice. If you are a blogger, and would like to mention this issue on your site, I would be eternally grateful, not just for my sake, but because as I mentioned above, this is something that can happen to anyone, and it is devastating to work so hard on something for so long, only to see it put at risk like this. Also, any links back to Shoeperwoman.com (especially those using the word “Shoeperwoman” as the link text) would be a huge help to us right now as they will help cement our position in search engines and support our right to the trademark when we file our dispute.

I also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has emailed Terry and I with their support over this issue: it really means the world to us to know that we have loyal readers who will continue to support us no matter how many other ”Shoeperwomen” crop up!

Please go and comment on her blog Shoeperwoman, it would be terrible if her site (and her livelihood!) would disappear because of this. 

In the meantime: Amber, I love your blog and I totally support you!

Siel x

April 7, 2011

How I decided to study Arabic

Hello everyone!
السلام عليكم

First of all  want to thank you for the comments on my previous post, it means a lot to me! I'm feeling much better now, thanks to my friends, some crazy movies and a few glasses of white wine :) And a crazy trip to Brussels yesterday: We wanted to go to a discussion evening about islam and secularity at the University of Brussels. Unfortunately that uni has 2 campuses: one in Jette and one in Etterbeek (that was the one we had to be) and of course we took the wrong train and ended up in Jette. After a lot of walking, a half an hour tram ride and another train ride, we arrived at the discussion, almost 1,5 hour too late. Whoops! Luckily it wasn't finished yet. After the discussion we went to town for spaghetti and to have a drink. It was such a lovely evening, and how we laughed :) We stayed so long that we missed the last train back, so a friend drove us back to Leuven, so sweet. Such fun!
Anyway, the title of this post is about how on earth I decided to study Arabic. When people ask what I study, and I say 'Arabic language and culture', mostly there are two options: 1) They say "Wow, so interesting, that's an original choice" etc. or 2) They give you a weird look and say "Seriously?, Why for God's sake?, Are you converting to Islam, Haha will you marry an Arab guy" or stuff like that. It really annoys me people give reactions like that, because those are stupid reasons. No, I won't become a muslim or marry an Arab man or wear a veil or even "make bombs, because they're all terrorists, aren't they?" (Someone really said that to me) My study isn't about converting all students to Islam, but about looking to Islam and the Middle East form a critical point of view. Yes, there are muslims in my class, and they don't always agree with some things the prof says, but I think that's the aim of the lessons: trying to open your mind, and be able to discuss different points of view.

Now, I agree that it wasn't an obvious choice for me to make. From almost two years before you graduate from high school, people start to ask what you will study. So I started to search and browse through university websites and flyers, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I knew for sure that it wouldn't be anything science, maths, sports, economic-related, I was much more interested in languages, history, literature etc. At first, I thought communication sciences would be the right choice for me. But then I visisted a website where a girl was talking about her communication sciences study, and I discovered that it was not really usefull (you learn about media like youtube, facebook etc. That can sound tempting, but what can you do with that in your life?) and even more: I saw that a few years before, I had commented myself on the article that I didn't see why studying this would be useful and that you can't do anything with it. So, that was scary! I decided to look for something else.

*No offence to people who study communication sciences! :) It just wasn't for me.

Maybe I should say first that, when we went on holiday to Morocco three years ago, I became really interested in studying the languages and culture. I searched for it on the internet, but I only looked at Ghent University, where you can study Arabic but only together with another languages lik Chinese, Hebrew, cuneiform etc. and I didn't want that. For some unknown reason I never thought of the University of Leuven (where I study now).
So I forgot about that idea.

This is going to be a looooong post, I'm sorry :)

So, where was I? Oh yes, it was January last year and I almost became desperate because I dnd't know what I would be studying. I was sure that it would be languages. As much as I like French and English, I wanted something more: I didn't want to become one of the thousand English-Dutch Language and Literature students, if you know what I mean. Then I thought of our holiday to Morocco, and how the Arabic language had fascinated me. So when the flyer from Leuven University arrived, I discovered that there was an entire study about Arabic language, history and Islam! It seemd very interesting. In February I attended a course at university (they allow high school students a few weeks a year to 'try out' lessons so that they get an idea of the study) and after the two hour course, I knew this would be the right choice for me.

Then came the part of telling my friends and family what I would be studying the next year. I remember that most of them were very suprised, but they were all positive and interested. It was very strange to tell my friends: they were going to study medicins, law, psychology; the 'usual' stuff, and I suddenly told them that I would be studying Arabic! But I think it's nice and interesting that we all study different things :)

I still get annoying reactions from people who think Islam and Arabic culture is all about terrorism, suppression of women, Al-Qaida and Osama Bin Laden. It's so much more than that! Of course I don't justify terrorism or stoning people to death (or other punishments some radical Islamic countries apply), but I think we can't generalize that to 'all muslims'. There isn't something like 'the Islam', it has many aspects and some of them aren't that bad :)

Phew, what a story! I hope you made it to the end :)

Arabic book store in Brussels, so proud we could read the sign :)
I'm almost finished with my first year of Arabic already (5 weeks of lessons to go before exams) and I haven't regretted for a second. It is difficult and I have to study new vocabulary every week (I realy should start to do that.) but it's so much fun when you can talk to each other in Arabic and read things I thought were impossible to decipher :) I also like that we are on average 20 students in the first year: everybody knows each other and the teacher know every student's name. The disadvantage is that they always notice if you skip a lesson, haha :)

I hope this was interesting to you and that you now understand a little bit why I study this. Let me know what you think :)

Siel x

April 1, 2011

ASOS wishlist

It's official: ASOS is trying to bankrupt me. My wishlist keeps increasing every time I take a look at their website. All those pretty dresses, cute skirts, lovely shoes,... I'm addicted!

Here are someof my favourites (I have many more!):

Red 50s dress, Vero Moda

Flower dress, Vero Moda

50s dress, River Island

Blue pencil dress, ASOS

50s Knitted dress, ASOS
Blue 50s dress, ASOS

Floral print 50s dress, Vero Moda

Chiffon Midi skirt, ASOS

50s Floral dress, Eucalyptus

Polka dot skirt, People Tree

Striped midi skirt, ASOS

50s Full Skirt, Oasis

I already see myself walking down the streets in these pretty dresses and skirts! *dream...*
Unfortunately, most of them are more than 50 euros, and that's a little bit too much for me, poor student. But I can always look at them to get inspiration, right?

I'll maybe go to Brussels to go vintage shopping in Eastern holidays, so I'll try to find some 50s dresses for little money. Wish me luck!

What do you think of my wishlist?

Siel x