March 16, 2011

Yellow dreams

Oh my. I just stumbled upon these gorgeous shoes:
New Look Bright Suede Courts, £49.99

I just love the color and the suede uppers! And in my defense:
- I don't have a pair of yellow shoes yet.
- They're not extremely high, so I could wear them to school. In fact, I'd wear them all the time!
- I haven't bought shoes since two months ago!

The downside is that they're £49,99 + shipping rates (they're limited edition so not available in stores here, I think) what makes them more than 60 euros so a little bit too expensive right now.

But I think I'll just hop over to New Look in Brussels next week to see and try them on if they have them in store :) Oh, and I still have a voucher of €15, so that makes them less expensive! Oh babies, come to me...

If you'd want to buy a pair for yourself (or for me, you never know...), click here.


Siel x