March 28, 2011

Vintage shopping

Today I did my first vintage shopping, at Kringwinkel in Leuven! I always thought that they only sell old and dirty stuff in vintage shops, but I was completely wrong. Here's what I bought:

Handbag: 5,25 euros (it was 25% off), scarf and belt: both 1 euro

Two little dishes, 30 cent each, saucher (I will use it as a soap dish): 10 cent, cocktail glass: 50 cent

I'm very happy to have found such nice things for so little money! I'll definitely go back.
I also saw some nice clothes, but unfortunately they didn't fit. They do have some nice clothes (between many ugly ones) but mostly not my size...

I had been looking for a cocktail glass like this for a long time, and now I found one for only 50 cent! From now on, I'll only use this glass, even to drink water or something...

Drinking cherry juice from my cocktail glass :) I look rather strange...

I actually only went to donate my hair dryer because I have a new one, but I'm glad I visited the shop. If I need any plates or glasses, I know where to go now!

Do you like vintage/charity shopping? Any shops you think I should visit?

Siel x