March 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #3: Simple

Just a quick post about my latest shoe challenge:

What: black ballet flats from Sacha
With: jeans: ONLY, T-shirt: Pimkie, blazer: H&M
When: Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Where: Just going to uni

I'm sorry for the quite strange pose and smile: this was probably the 45th photo I made, and the only one where my eyes weren't closed, my feet were visible and I don't look like I haven't slept for days! My camera really has a talent for making me look bad...

Anyway, I was so relieved to finaly have one proper picture that I forgot to make one of the shoes, whoops. But they're nothing special: just my good old ballerina's I wear when I don't want to wear heels (doesn't happen very often, but still!). I think I'll need new flats because they're already a little bit worn out and just because you need a new pair of flats al least once every year, don't you?

We've had two days of beautiful weather here: Some girls even were bare legged! I was very pleased that I could leave my winter coat at home and wear this blazer! I don't wear it that often, because it looks so 'business-woman'. But I rolled up the sleeves and I like it because it's more casual.

I was looking forward to start wearing my summer clothes, but now it's raining and about 9 degrees, gah. Come on, spring...

Siel x