March 9, 2011

Polka dot love

If you don’t already know I’m obsessed with polka dots, you’ll definitely know it after reading this post. When I look around in my room, I realise that I have quite a lot of polka dot clothes and other things!

Two dresses and one skirt not included! (I also have polka dot underwear, but I won’t show you those) I think they call me the polka dot girl by now…

And I still have a lot of polka dot clothes on my wish list. I really need summer now, so I can wear all these summer dresses! But first I need a lot of money to pay them all, haha.

Sophie Ellis Bextor in a lovely dress

I’m totally in love with this dress from eBay. The starting price was €1, but it finally sold for €65, crazy. I can just hope that someday I can buy it for €20 or something…
There is a polka-dot-pencil-skirt hole in my closet, so I need this. Yes, I tell myself that.

Aren’t these hot? Perfect for showing off your curves (Not that I have those, but still!). They’re from PinUp Girl Clothing, I love almost all of their dresses. Unfortunately they’re a little bit out of my price range…

Dita Von Teese

I love this dress Carrie’s wearing in the last episode of Sex and the City.
Dress & top from Vivien of Holloway. The top is on sale, only £20! Leave one for me, please :)
Me in my favourite dress (and a strange pose)
And at last, a gorgeous photo of polka dot shoes (don’t know the source, sorry).
Thank God it’s still a few months till summer, so I can save up to buy all of this!
Do you love polka dots as much as I do?

Siel x