March 6, 2011

On my wishlist...

One of the disadvantages of being a student is never having enough money. My parents give me enough money to buy food and books for school, and I also get some pocket money but I think I just spend too much (whoops). At the moment I have so much on my wishlist, but no money to buy it...

I'll just show you some shoes that are on my wishlist now, some of them I will never have but there's nothing wrong with dreaming, is it?

I think my boyfriend is already tired of seeing this shoes, but I cant't stop talking about how much I want them. And how they would match every piece of clothing in my closet. And how I wouldn't have to buy shoes for the rest of the year (ahum) because these are just perfect... They're not really expensive (£35) but still out of my budget for the moment.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania For Melissa Lady Dragon Heart Heeled Sandals

Yes, plastic shoes! That smell like bubblegum! I can't help loving these, they are so funny and cute. Now, I need to find €160...

Topshop 'Glitz'
Sometimes I feel like a lady, and then I want to wear these pretty shoes. I really like suede, and the pointed toe has made a comeback this year (I believe, I'm not really following fashion trends) and look at that little bow: it makes me think of a cat's whiskers!


Dorothy Perkins; not availabe anymore, snif!

 I would wear these all day to go to uni. They're not too high (high heels + cobblestones = fail) and they're just perfect for me, nah. Unfortunately, they're sold out online and you can't find them anywhere else...

Another pair of polka dot shoes! Hey, I didn't name my blog 'Shoes, Polka dots and lots more' for nothing!
But if I had to choose, I think I would go for the Next shoes (the ones on the first picture), because red is my favourite color and these ones are just too expensive (£180).

Christian Louboutin Fifi 100mm

Christian Louboutin is my Shoe God. I wish to have at least one pair of Louboutins in my shoe collection (more are always welcome!) but I think I'll have to save a lot of money before I can get my hands on these babies...

I have a folder on my pc filled with shoes I like, so don't be afraid: lots more beautiful shoes to follow!

Have a nice day!

Siel xx