March 13, 2011

My extraordinary weekend (not really)

My weekend always starts on Thursday at 4pm, because I don’t have classes on Friday. Last Thursday my boyfriend came to Leuven (he didn’t have school this week, the lucky bastard) and we went to a Moroccan restaurant, Koutoubiya – كوتوبية. I took couscous with vegetables and it was delicious! I even had a little chat in Arabic with the waiter, I felt so proud when he understood what I was saying! I’m really looking forward to going on holiday to the Middle-East and North-Africa so I can speak Arabic to the local people. (I have already been to Morocco and Jordan.) And also because it’s just so beautiful there…

Keep on dreaming...
On Friday afternoon, I went for a little drive with the car with my mum. I’m still learning to drive, but as I have my driving test (to get my driver’s license) on the 6th of May, I have less than two months to practise! It’s freaking me out. I’m already quite good at the driving part, but parking the car is still very difficult for me. The car doesn’t go where I want it to go! Luckily I haven’t caused any accidents (yet), but I’m still afraid that I will hit another car or a person. Please other drivers, stay at home on May 6th between 9 and 10am, it’s for your own safety!

In the meantime, I’m practising on Parking Mania, a game on Facebook:

I’m very good. Ahum.

On Saturday evening, I went to see Black Swan with my sister. I think it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen! I was really overwhelmed. And now I’m stuck with this song in my head all day:

We managed to embarrass ourselves: We wanted to buy popcorn and cola, and I had 4 euros and my sister said “Oh, I have 5 euros!”, so we go to the checkout, where she discovers she DIDN’T have 5 euros. So we didn’t have enough money!* And as if that wasn’t bad enough, she poured cola on the cash desk because she had overfilled her beaker! Such fun going to the cinema with my sister!
*Luckily I could pay with my credit card :)

So today, I did all the schoolwork I had planned to do yesterday. My lessons are really interesting, but it’s so hard to actually start studying, isn’t it? But I have to if I don’t want to get behind...

Siel x