February 8, 2011


Hi everyone!

It has been a great weekend for me! It already started on Thursday, when I finished my last exam. Finally done studying for 4 weeks or longer! I went to the shops and bought a few things to reward myself. On Friday I slept very long and stayed in bed till 11 o’clock. Then the bell rang, but by the time I got up, put on a sweater and ran to the door, the postman was gone (with my shoes I bought on ebay – don’t tell my mum, haha!) and had left a message that I should get my package at the post office, gah. At least he got me out of my bed. Now I could start tidying up my room, because it really was a total MESS. I love a tidy room, but I never manage to keep it tidy for longer than one day! Or actually, a few hours…

(how my desk looked before and after – sorry for the blurry webcam pic!)

In the evening I went to a rock ‘n’ roll/ swing party called ‘Radio Modern’ with my best friend. We had a great time! Everybody was dressed up like they did in the 40s and 50s, there were some great music bands who played swing and jazz music and we had a little dancing lesson. I really loved the music and the atmosphere there!

(Photos found here, © Tim De Boeck)
On Saturday, I volunteered to help backstage at the show of the dancing club of my sister. There were a lot of cute little kids of 7-8 years old I had to help with putting their costumes on, make-up, and just take care of them. I had a lot of fun with them, and they gave me a big hug when I left! Can’t wait till next year to see them all back…

On Sunday then, we went to my uncle’s to celebrate his 50th birthday. It was very funny because everybody gave him beer or wine as a present! We ate and laughed a lot.
Yesterday I went shopping with my friend, we went to Antwerp. I didn’t buy much, actually:
(red cardigan from Zara, striped tank top from H&M, polka dot cardigan from New Look, Idole d’Armani perfume and Lush ‘Joy of Jelly’)
I can’t go shopping and come home without something with polka dots! And no shoes this time, amazing (I wanted to buy a pair, but they didn’t have my size anymore). I also bought a Valentine present for my boyfriend, but I can’t tell what it is in case he reads this...
I also found this gorgeous dress in a retro store called Vegas, but unfortunately it was too expensive for a poor student like me!
On the way back to the train station, we passed a store called SN3 and they had two pairs of Louboutins in the window! Sigh… Someday they will be mine!
Now I’m off to watch a movie and relaxing with a big box of chocolate!
See you soon!
x Siel