February 11, 2011

Love & Hate this week

What I liked this week:

- Clearing up my music collection on my laptop and discovering some great music I haven’t listened to for ages.

- Sleeping till 11 o’clock! In my defense, I went out the night before till 3 o’clock in the morning, so I’m allowed to do that. That’s what I tell myself ;)

- Searching for a holiday destination with my boyfriend. I want Barcelona, he wants The Ardennes. In my defense: I want to go somewhere WARM, because it’s the only holiday I have this year, so I don’t want to spend it sitting in our chalet because the weather is awful. So, Barcelona it will be ;)

- Seeing De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig in concert: normally I don’t like this kind of music, but my friend asked me to go with her, and I enjoyed it after all! If you’re interested, here are some of their best songs, I must tell you that the lyrics are quite vulgar sometimes!

Deze Donkere Jongen komt zo hard

 - Discovering some great blogs:

  • Vixen Vintage:I really like Sabrina’s style and sense of fashion! She only wears vintage and looks like she ran away from the 30s-40s-50s era. If I only could have some of her beautiful dresses… sigh.
  • Imelda: A blog about a girl from Belgium! A totally different style from the blog above, but I like her style of writing, and I spent more than two hours reading all her posts!
  • Dial V for Vintage: (Also a Belgian blog, hehe) This blogs really wants me to go and make my own clothes! Sadly, I don’t have the time and talent to do that… Maybe in summer holidays I’ll ask my grandma to teach me!
  • Freelancer’s Fashionblog: I didn’t read much of this blog yet, but I like the hair tutorials (although it takes me ages to make it so perfect like on the tutorial), very retro!
What I didn’t like this week:

- Waiting for my exam results! My first exams at university, I’m really nervous to know my results! Monday is the big day…

- Watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s (because everybody says it’s such a great movie): OK, I liked the clothes, but the movie was boring, I fell asleep on the couch, whoops. I was really disappointed! Still love Audrey Hepburn, though.
- Having a cold: sneezing, a runny nose and watery eyes: very attractive!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Siel x