February 28, 2011

Home inspiration

I’m having one of those days I hate everything about myself. I mean: I hate my clothes, my hair, my room,… Especially when I look at other people’s blogs and they look all so beautiful and glamorous, I feel so boring! Also, I love looking at beautiful houses, rooms and decorating stuff, but when I look at my own room, I feel so sad!
Of course you can’t have a gorgeous room in a few days (unless you participate at Extreme Make-over or something like that, but that’s not likely to happen), but whenever I see something I like on the internet, I save it on my pc, so I can look at it from time to time and get inspiration from it. Most of the pictures are too expensive for me (now), but it’s always fun to watch and dream, isn’t it?

Yes, I could start saving, but I already do that (does €5 per week counts?), and that’s for going on holiday, or for emergencies (yes, shoes are an emergency!) And even little decorative stuff is quite expensive these days (for example, a small photo frame for €20? No, thanks…).

Sometimes I find something I like for little money:

A cute clock-telephone:

My retro-inspired radio (I don’t listen often to the radio, but it looks nice, no?):

Two polka dot cups:

And that’s it! Pretty meager, isn’t it? I know I shouldn’t buy too much for my room now, because next year I’m moving to another place, but I don’t like it looking boring.


A lovely hotel in Paris... source

IKEA inspiration! I love the mirror, dressing table and cupboard.

Carrie and Big's bedroom from SATC

I like this idea, but it's a little too pink and girly for me! (source)

I'm in love with this bed... (source)

Coco Chanel's apartment! (source)

Blair Waldorf's bedroom (Gossip Girl)

Some furniture I like:
The 'Chesterfield' couch


I love this AGA cooker!

Innova 'Dream' espresso machine

I want this telephone...

... and this Jukebox!

Most pictures are meant for when I have my own house, but I just want to show you what my style is like.
I guess the photos speak for themselves, no? I would say I like retro styles very much, but also the Art Déco style and a little touch of Arabic/Oriental style… But I’m afraid it will look eclectic, but not in a good way. Do you understand what I mean?

I would love to go to vintage shops and search for things I like and that are not very expensive, but I don’t know where to find such stores around here…

Anyway, my mum has bought a book called ‘the Interior Guide’, because we want to redecorate our living room, I think I’ll browse through it sometime, to get inspiration!

What did you think of my ideas?

Siel x