February 18, 2011


What I loved this week:

 - Thinking of moving to another room/apartment (I don’t know how to call it in English, ‘student room’ or something like that. A room with bed, desk, lavabo etc. and shared kitchen, toilet and shower), because I don’t really like the one I’m living in this year. It’s very small, and on the second floor, with a very narrow staircase (such fun when you have to take a suitcase up there!) and there are other little things that bother me. I will miss my roommates, though… But, I have my eye on a room/apartment that is very big and has a private bathroom! And an elevator, OMG! The next step is convincing my parents…

- Drinking delicious cocktails to celebrate my exam results on Monday!

- Having to read 3 Arabic books this semester (the Dutch translation, though: I’m not that good in Arabic yet): A great excuse to start reading again!

- Amber’s Shoe Challenge: I love her style and her great shoe collection! She’s an inspiration…

 What I didn’t like (this list will be much longer, I think):

- Watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and OMG, Dumbledore died! (I already watched all Harry Potter movies some times, but I’m still shocked)

- Trying out a new recipe and it tasted disgusting. There goes my reputation of kitchen goddess! (not really) The funny part: I was doing the dishes after I had thrown my meal into the bin and a roommate entered the kitchen, saying “Wow, it smells delicious here!”

- Already having a lot of schoolwork.

- Realizing that I don’t have enough clothes. Every morning I stand in front of my wardrobe, desperately seeking something to wear. I hate going outside wearing jeans, t-shirt and cardigan, it’s so boring…

- Going home by train: I go home for the weekend in a few hours, and I already know my train will be delayed. Because he always is. Love public transport!

Hope you have a great weekend!
Siel x