February 15, 2011

First day of Shoe Challenge: fail

Yesterday was the first day of the Shoeper Shoe Challenge, and I was all ready and prepared. Except for the fact that I forgot to bring my camera to Leuven (where I study and stay during the week). Because I am stupid. Anyway, I got my exam results and they’re great! No re-examinations in August! I was so nervous, and they first made us listen to a whole explanation about what to do when your results are bad etc. Totally not depressing! I’m so glad and a little bit proud of myself too. Maybe I could reward myself with, uhm, a pair of shoes? (Kidding!)

(I did see a real bargain on ebay, though. Hmmm…)

First of all: about the Shoe Challenge. You can read all about it here, and I have to say I’m excited to participate! I’ve always admired Amber’s sense of fashion and her fabulous shoe collection, so I’m very happy she set up this challenge. As for me, I only have 10 pairs of shoes, so it won’t be very difficult to wear them all in one year! Although I’m afraid the number is going to increase…

So, I would like to present you my shoe collection, but there might be a few little problems:

- I forgot to include a pair of sandals (I mean, who thinks about those sandals in winter?)

- I also couldn’t include the shoes I left at my room in Leuven and the ones that just arrived today from ebay! (yes, I really like ebay. They were a bargain, really!)

- Did I mention I forgot my camera?

So that picture will have to wait to wait till the weekend…

But now I need your advice. I bought these shoes from ebay, and although I liked them on the picture, I don’t like them so much in real life. I don’t know whether to keep them (and feeling sad because I might never wear them) or selling them on ebay (I can’t return them, unfortunately). What should I do?

Coming to you soon with my Shoe Challenge!
Siel x