July 29, 2014

Birks baby

I finally caved and went to the Birk side. As I said on instagram, I've had flat feet since I was little, and ever since my pocket money allowed me to buy shoes for myself (that weren't sensible enough for my mum's taste - New Look's shoe department was my idea of heaven) that were, let's face it, very poorly made and often too small ("I don't care they pinch, I love them!"), my poor feet needed some rest and care. Of course the recent Birkenstock craze has influenced me *a bit*, but I'm glad I got them as I've been walking on air ever since. Aren't we all happy with the comfy shoe trends lately? It started with wedge sneakers, then slip-ons, Nike Air, Adidas etc. I guess the whole fashion world was tired of wearing painful heels all the time (who wouldn't?)

I'm wearing: ASOS culotte jumpsuit & top | Birkenstock sandals

July 26, 2014

Black, leopard & llamas

Wearing my uniform of all black and these leopard slip-ons. Not much else to say about this outfit other than that! Simple is always a winner in my book. And our new neighbours also seemed to like it:

Apparently we now have llamas living next door, as well as wallabies (haven't spotted those yet though). Now tell me life on the countryside isn't exciting...!

(Kidding, of course. If I have to live here for much longer, my tomb will read 'death by boredom')

I'm wearing: ASOS top & slip-ons | vintage leather skirt

July 23, 2014

Wearing right now

cuban summer

What I'm wearing right now (or any other day this week): flowy trousers, bikini, Birkenstock sandals and every redhead's summer essentials: a hat and SPF50. Added bonus: a good book (currently reading Jack Kerouac's On the Road, a classic!) See ya!

July 19, 2014

Wang inspired

Decided to try my version of the Alexander Wang shirt: unbuttoned and with a little peek at my non-existing abs (work in progress, as they say). I went for ripped jeans and heels to avoid giving the impression that I literally just rolled out of bed with my pyjama's on (like the original look) and also because I have to get used to wearing heels again. I only managed to hold onto that thought for a couple of days, as will be shown next week by a recent purchase of eh, Birkenstocks. Yes.
The verdict: it's nice to have a little breeze in the boob area for a change, but I prefer my shirts buttoned with a little (if any...) cleavage. Next!

Also, must remember to pull up jeans before taking pictures. Underwear on display is so 2000s...

I'm wearing: GAP shirt (thrifted) | H&M jeans (very old - children's size! & DIY'ed by me) | Daisy Street heels

July 16, 2014

Muslim fashion

It's kind of strange that I've never actually talked about muslim fashion on my blog. After all, I've studied Islam and the Middle Eastern culture for several years now, and I've even made a small essay about muslim fashion when I was in Jordan. DKNY's recent Ramadan Collection has made me think why I never addressed this particular side of fashion - especially since I want to work in the field of gender & women's issues in Islam, and maybe even focus on fashion. So here we go!

First of all, why is there a need for 'muslim fashion'? Why can't aspiring muslim fashionistas shop on the high street and then just cover up with a headscarf? Yes, many women shop at H&M, Topshop & Zara (my Moroccan friend Loubna knows the Zara collections by heart) but still they struggle to find a way to stay fashionable yet modest. Low necklines, tight jeans or sleeveless tops don't really fit in with the muslim dresscode. Layering is also an option, but you don' want to be wearing multiple layers in a 35 degree heat! Fortunately, some designers have been able to fill this hole in the market by creating a collection suitable for muslim women.

As much as I love the idea of designers who exclusively cater to a muslim public (or women who just like to dress modestly - think about conservative jews or mormons), the problem is that these collections are only availabe to the higher class who can afford high quality designer items. I would love to see that high street brands dedicate a line from their collection to muslim women - I've noticed that Zara in Amman has more maxi skirts and basic long-sleeved t-shirts than the stores I've visited in Europe, but the options are still quite limited. Muslim women are equally interested in fashion and trends as non-muslim women, so why should they have to resort to wearing plain blouses and shapeless maxi skirts?

Personally, I love Barjis Chohan's latest collection (two photos above), I wouldn't mind wearing most of her pieces myself! The Middle East, and especially Dubai is slowly establishing itself as a fashion center - if even Karl Lagerfeld chose Dubai to show his latest Chanel collection! Hopefully more and more high street stores will take note and bring out a collection suitable for muslim fashionistas. 

Have you heard about muslim fashion? What do you think about this concept?

More interesting reading about muslim fashion:
DKNY's Ramadan Collection
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Images: DKNY & Barjis

July 14, 2014


Image source
I'm travelling to Cuba for two weeks! Beyond excited. My mum, who gained herself the new nickname of master planner put together a tour around the island, starting in Havana followed by some roadtripping to natural parks, splendid beaches and picturesque cities. I might even take up some salsa classes! Everything with a mojito in one hand and a Cuban cigar in the other. (Just kidding about the cigar. Smoking kills, people! Ok, maybe one...)

As usual, I've prepared some blog content that will get to you through the magic of scheduled posts, but don't forget to check on the blog every couple of days because I won't be spamming you on facebook and instagram as I usually do: There is little to no internet connection in Cuba. Two weeks to go cold turkey from technology and socal media will do me good. And I won't be making you too jealous with pictures of me on the beach.

See you in two weeks! XO

July 12, 2014

Birthday girl

I'm turning 22 today! Planning on a very low-key day with cake (mum, take note), a trip to Brussels with friends to visit a photography exhibtion and dinner in the evening. 
This is the outfit I wore on a dinner party two weeks ago, to celebrate my homecoming - why yes, I like to be the center of attention. 

I'm wearing: Everything from ZARA (whoops)